100% hands on training on Web application security

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  • I'm Luiz Arruda from Brazil, and I'm a Security Analyst. I was thinking that I knew something, now after the labs, I'm sure that I know something!

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Coliseum Lab

The new revolutionary way to learn web app security powered by eLearnSecurity

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  • Coliseum Lab

    Coliseum Lab

    A new era

    Coliseum Lab is a framework on which students can learn web application security through 100% hands on training and trainers can build educational vulnerable web apps in minutes

    There's nothing to download, to setup or to configure in Coliseum.
    Enter the arena and learn

  • Learn by doing

    It's training

    100% hands on training

    On top of Coliseum framework we have created a number of educational challenges based on different platforms.

    You will be able to practice XSS, SQL injection, Advanced information gathering techniques, Remote file inclusion, CSRF and a number of other attack technique!

    No theory - 100% hands on through our engaging and well-thought increasing difficulties battles

  • Multi platform

    It's in the cloud

    Login and learn

    Virtual machines give you a single environment.
    Our cloud servers give you many!

    Setting up your own lab is expensive and time-consuming
    Coliseum is multi-platform and allows you to learn pentesting of web application based on a moltitude of technologies: Microsoft Servers, Linux Servers, PHP, .NET, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle...

    At now Coliseum supports: Windows Server 2008 R2,PHP,MySQL,MS SQL Server

  • It's fun

    It's effective

    Learn quicker

    Are you sure you can pentest a web site? Prove it in the Coliseum!

    It's incredible how much you don't know until you put your skills in practice

    Coliseum *actually* makes you a penetration tester

  • It's fun

    It's not hacking

    100% educational

    Even practical exercises should contain a bit of guidance.
    Our challenges are full of tips and learning bits that will help you throughout the whole session.

    If you don't manage to solve the challenges, we'll teach you how to do it!

  • It's for all

    Learn from the basics

    Our challenges are built to teach web application penetration testing from the very basics. So you will start with information gathering related challenges and will move on to attack techniques little by little.

    If you feel the need for theoretical explanations you can pick one of our courses